Domestic RO Water Purifiers

Worried about whether your stored filter water could be breeding diseases? From the house of AQUAPRO Water Purifiers comes a water purifier that is full to the brim with sensitive and caring features.


It is powered by an array of technologies that work doubly hard to give you the purest water.

Our AQUAPRO Water Purifiers enhance RO+UV+Tds Controller with Added Minerals [Ten Stages Purification]  is equipped with a multi-stage unique Reverse Osmosis purification process, to give you pure, fresh water. Reverse Osmosis is a membrane filtration process in which the water is passed under high pressure through an advanced Thin Film Composite (TFC) Membrane, with a 0.0001 micron pore size. The output of the membrane is purified water,free from microorganisms and with reduced Total Dissolved Solids.

It continuously purifies your water and prevents re-contamination at all times. It re-circulates stored purified RO water periodically, destroys harmful disease-causing bacteria and virus, and gives you pure and safe drinking water, again and again.

AQUAPRO Aqua Nova [WallHung or Kitchen Base] [10 Stages, RO + UV + TDS + Adjuster with Added Minerals, Alkaline] One Year Guarantee with 4 free Filters.